Monday-Saturday 8AM-5PM Year Round


1. Why is there a $2 charge for entrance to EWEPULLET?
EWE-PULLET has amazingly low prices; to help offset some of the maintenance cost of the facility we chose to charge a small fee to pay for up keep and maintenance.

2. What if I do not find the part I need?
If this occurs make sure and ask the attendant for your “Free Harvest Guarantee Credit”. This credit gives the primary shopper a free admittance ticket for their next visit to EWE-PULLET. You can also check our Full-Service facility at Nordstroms Auto 605-594-3910 or

3. Can someone go check to see if the part I need is on the car?
To keep amazingly low prices EWE-PULLET is unable to dedicate staff to maintain accurate inventory records or check for requested parts.

Due to the possible hazards we restrict entrance to 16 year of age or younger. Learning permit drivers accompanied by an adult are allowed into Ewe-Pullet.
Due to safety concerns we do not allow sandals or pets.

5. Can I use a Sawzall, grinder or torch in the EWE-PULLET yard?
No Sawzall, grinder or torch is allowed to be brought into EWE-PULLET. However a Sawzall can be rented from EWE-PULLET for use in the EWE-PULLET yard.

6. Why can’t I talk to someone when I call EWE-PULLET?
We have developed the website for all the information available on EWE-PULLET. We do not staff phones but do offer recorded messages with instructional information about EWE-PULLET. This allows us to pass on amazingly low prices. If you see EWE-PULLET attendants on the phone they are communicating with the Full Service operations.

7. How do I find out what cars are there and where they are?
The EWE-PULLET vehicles can change daily. The most current vehicle info can be viewed online at or the Kiosk in the EWE-PULLET office. All vehicles are grouped by like kinds and models in separate sections designated by signs. To find a specific vehicle, the list shows the location of vehicle by section, row number and percentage of the row. See the EWE-PULLET map for details – the year of the vehicle is the last two numbers marked on the upper left hand corner of the windshield.

8. Can I use a Jack in EWE-PULLET?
All vehicles are elevated on stands for easy access; for safety reasons jacks are not allowed – vehicles must stay in the position they are set by the ewe-pullet staff. DO NOT USE ENGINE lifts to move vehicles!

9. How many vehicles do you have at EWE-PULLET?
EWE-PULLET has an ever changing inventory of over 1,200 vehicles for you to remove parts from.