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(Just a few minutes NE of Sioux Fallson a new FULLY PAVED route via 480th Ave, Nordstrom’s Drive.)


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Press Release

Special events planned for the week of EARTH DAY APRIL 22ND.   We Recycle!


Offering you an Earth Day AUTOMOTIVE Amnesty Day!!

Garretson, SD, April 16th, 2024: For immediate release!

Automotive Amnesty Day on Monday April 22nd   what is that? Read here.

As part of our Amnesty Day on Monday the 22nd we will accept many environmentally unsafe products from vehicles free of charge! They will be processed in our professional automotive dismantling operation. We will do for you on this day, what we do every day!  We dismantle the best and recycle the rest!

Items that will be accepted at Nordstrom’s Full-Service Auto Recycling 2.0 or Ewe Pullet Self-Service from 8am to 5:00 pm are automotive batteries, Car and Pick up Tires (limit 8 per household, no businesses), fluids of any sort from within the vehicle (oils, antifreeze.) (Once again, Individual quantities, not businesses) Nordstrom’s recycles these products every day, but for this special day we will help the public to properly dispose of these items. You may bring out damaged and junk auto parts to dispose of also. Let a Nationally recognized Certified Auto Recycler get to work for you!  We are just a few minutes northeast of Sioux Falls on a fully paved route via 480th Ave! See our website for a full map of directions wherever you might be coming from!

Other things we are doing!

  • We are offering FREE admission to our EWE PULLET self-service facility for the entire week of Earth Day. FREE admission for the EWE PULLET runs from the 22nd to the 27th. Come harvest some savings with your tools and your labor for your savings without paying the gate admittance fee!  Also, FREE admission to the EWE PULLET the ENTIRE month of April if you wear EWE PULLET LOGOWEAR or any UNDER THE HOOD SHOW LOGOWEAR. Remember, re-use is the purest form of recycling! Re-use then Recycle! Be sustainable!
  • Nordstrom’s has over 75 employees and a crew of them will be gathering after work Thursday the 25th to clean the road ditches of over 24 linear miles of State Highway, County Highway and Township roads.

We are happy to do our part to make Earth Day 2024 a great reminder of the stewardship we all need to take to preserve the Earth we live on! Thanks for helping us spread the word!

:  Nordstrom’s Automotive Inc wants to remind the public:

Automotive recycling is recycling at the purest. Re-use is the ultimate form of recycling. Raw materials and expensive manufacturing are not required when a quality used auto part is harvested from another vehicle and used again. Reusing the Recycled Original Equipment Parts® is the best way to recycle for sure, but there is more!  Approximately 86 percent of each vehicle is recycled. That equates to six million tires, 100 million Gallons of Gas and Diesel fuel, 24 million gallons of motor oil, eight million gallons of engine coolant and 4.5 million gallons of windshield wiper fluid annually. Every year end of life vehicles produces over 14 million tons of steel to be reused and recycled. More than 97 percent of all the vehicle battery lead is recycled. Certified Auto Recyclers and others like Nordstrom’s have removed over 4 million switches containing mercury. This effort has stopped over 8500 pounds of environmentally contaminating Mercury from causing dangerous pollution. With the effort of conscious Auto Recyclers, the vehicle is one of the greenest products on the planet! The size of the American automotive fleet currently numbers approximately 270 million vehicles, nearly one apiece for every man woman and child in the country. Of these, it is estimated that nearly 11 million vehicles are taken off the road each year when they are totaled in accidents or reach their End of Life. (EOL) Nordstrom’s Automotive Inc of rural Garretson is a Gold Seal Certified Auto Recycler (CAR) who prides themselves in offering our customers great savings while promoting a green environment.  All harmful pollutants are contained and disposed of properly throughout our dismantling operation. Nordstrom’s has been recycling EOL vehicles since the late 1960’s’; over 50 years!  Nordstrom’s was the 2018 STAR CERTIFIED AUTO RECYCLER FOR THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES! AS VOTED BY THE AUTOMTOIVE RECYCLERS ASSOCIATION. (A-R-A.ORG) AT NORDSTROM’S WE LIKE TO SAY “WE DISMANTLE THE BEST AND RECYCLE THE REST! “

Have a great EARTH DAY!

From Nordstrom’s Team!!

Ewe pullet closed this Saturday 13th.

With extreme wind chill and ground blizzard forecast this weekend,

we are announcing now we will be closed.

Nordstrom’s Auto, Nordstrom’s Installation & Diagnostic Center and Ewe-Pullet Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Filled with hope, joy, peace, good health and love, this Thanksgiving Day! THANK YOU for your support! We appreciate you! Customers are indeed a great blessing to us!.
Ewe-Pullet Self Service Used Auto
47989 255th St
Garretson, SD 57030

16th ANNUAL Fall Harvest Days 2023! Saturday, October 21th.  8 am to 5 pm

Harvest Day 2023 at Ewe Pullet Self-Service Used Auto Parts

47989 255th St. Garretson, SD 57030

Standard Wheelbarrow $40 or our 2-Wheel Black Hand-Cart $70

 and the new $100.00 Express Line. ANYTHING GOES

You may bring your own standard wheelbarrow or use one of our own if available!


Free Admission all day. (Standard Rules apply, 16 or older only in lot, no open toe shoes.)

Open for normal EWE-PULLET business as usual also.


EWE PULLET SCAVENGER HUNT!!! This year there will be 20 Pumpkins in cars within the facility. They will be marked 1 to 10 with 2 different specific colors.  If you find any of the pumpkins, bring them to the office, you will receive a $10.00 EGG MONEY in-store credit card!  Which does not apply for the Harvest Day outdoor lanes. There is also the OWNER / MANAGER showdown with two special GOLD color painted parts that are worth $50.00 Cash each!

Have you been getting your EWE PULLET Price Book stamped? This is the last year for the book stamp.  For everyone that has turned a fully stamped Price Book sheet, there will be 5 Drawings throughout the day. Turn in yours now to enter. Next year will be different, more details to come.  Someone will win a 1.- $200.00 Cash; 2.- $75.00 in Store Credit; 3.- $50.00 in Store Credit; 4.-Ewe-Pullet Hat and 5.- Ewe-Pullet T-Shirt!

$1.00 Coupon for on-site concessions for everyone signed in! Concessions by              Taqueria El Tarasco.

40-40-40 Rules and Notes     On the day of the event, pull as many parts as you can fit in a Ewe Pullet Wheelbarrow or bring your own STANDARD 6 Cubic Foot single wheel Wheelbarrow (No modifications). Carefully position the items in the wheelbarrow and bring it to the staging area in front of the “Pull Barn”. When you get the signal, one person will need to push the items 40 feet within the 40 second time limit for $40.00. Also $70.00 handcarts available and $100.00 Express line. Don’t forget “Honk the horn-ring the bell! Pay Cash!

RULES: Absolutely No Strapping of any sort. No hoods, trunk lids, pickup boxes, bed liners or tailgates can be used as a stacking base. Except in the $100.00 Outlaw Express Lane!

Blow the horn before your 40-foot journey trip then ring the bell thru the course and you have 40 seconds to do it.

Lift Hoist cannot be moved to pull a motor or transmission until ready to use.                                      4 available.

We have parking available in a field to the North, thanks to the great neighbors we have! Please respect their farm ground so we can use it again in the future.

We will allow tools to drop off and parts loading only in main parking lot entrance. Country club members will be allowed to park in the main parking lot as a benefit of membership.

Remember you can buy your Ewe-Pullet Country Club membership today and any day!

(We will not allow bulk scrap purchases of items such as aluminum rims and radiators)

Come and enjoy the day, even if just to watch!!!

  • Harvest Rewards Card at no charge. Sign Up Today and earn 3% in store credit every time you buy parts from us. This is a great loyalty program everyone can sign up for. Loyalty rewards can not be used on Harvest Day wheelbarrow purchase.


  • We want to remind you about our EWEPULLET Facebook page, where you can go and like us and you will be able to post pictures of the Harvest Day, any illegal or obscene posted picture we will delete from the page immediately. If you want to post on your own profile, make sure and tag #HarvestDay2023.


  • At 12:00pm we will start the Raffle and draw the winner’s names of the prizes and the one who’s filled the price book back page with Ewe-Pullet stamps.


  • The hours of the sale are 8:00am to 5:00pm and any part after the hours will cost regular prices.


  • No Engines are allowed in standard single wheel wheelbarrows


  • ALL SALES FOR WHEELBARROW AND CART ITEMS ARE FINAL! NO RETURNS – NO REFUND- NO WARRANTY- Regular purchases through the office are treated as normal with a 33-day wide open return policy.




Monday, September 4th Closed to honor and recognize the American labor movement

and the works and contributions of laborers to the development

and achievements of the United States.

Thank you! Happy Holiday!

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