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Your Tools, Your Labor, Your Savings®
47989 255th Street, Garretson SD 57030
(Just a few minutes NE of Sioux Fallson a new FULLY PAVED route via 480th Ave, Nordstrom’s Drive.)

Dear Customers and Guests,

Thank you for checking in at Nordstrom’s Ewe Pullet (You-Pull-It) Self-Service Used Auto Parts today. We are excited that you are going to take advantage of the amazing savings available by using “Your Tools, Your Labor and Your Savings®” We want to make sure that you have a great experience today and every time you shop Ewe Pullet. We sincerely appreciate taking your time to come out to the “Pull Barn” to check things out.

The Ewe Pullet operation is separate from the full service dismantling operation, to keep the cost of the parts amazingly low; we do not offer all of the services that we do at the Full Service operation.  We know you have grown accustomed to a high level of assistance and support from Nordstrom’s Full Service Auto Recycling; however this business is a completely different model. There are some business decisions that we made in setting up Ewe Pullet, that we want you to be aware of. Here a few of the choices we made to keep the overhead low so we can offer the “Amazing Savings” that Ewe Pullet has to offer.

  • We provide no part removal or vehicle moving assistance at Ewe Pullet. You can check out our Parts Puller Program for others who may help you.
  •  There is a two dollar admittance charge to enter the facility, regardless of whether you find a part or not. Remember, Veterans and Active service military providing a military ID, are free to enter.  THANK YOU! If you do not find a part you are looking for, ask about our “Harvest Guarantee” that allows for a free visit on your next trip.
  • There are no account charges at EWE PULLET, while we can use your Resale certificate we have on file at our full-service auto recycling facility for resale purchases by professional repairers and car sales professionals that utilize the EWE PULLET operation.
  •  The prices are a one-price system for all purchasers, regardless of the condition of the part or who the valuable customer buying the part is.
  •   No complete vehicles sold from within the Ewe Pullet lot.
  •  Tool Boxes, Bags and Totes must be inspected prior to entry and upon exit. Video surveillance is used throughout the facility.
  •   An environmental fee will be applied to each Ewe Pullet purchase invoice, to offset the cost of keeping our facility clean, green and Certified.
  •  Service fees will be added to each ticket in which the customer uses a credit card or check, to offset the cost of processing these transactions.
  •  Parts can be returned with the “33 day Wide Open return policy”, The difference is credit will be issued for future Ewe Pullet purchases.  No cash, check and credit card refunds will be given at Ewe Pullet. Ewe Pullet Credit NEVER Expires.
  •  There are no core charges at Ewe Pullet.  We will buy certain cores; check out “Art’s Board of Trade” at Ewe Pullet.
  • “Egg Money” cards are exclusive to Ewe Pullet and cannot be used at any other Nordstrom’s facilities except Ewe Pullet.
  •  We do not provide any child care assistance or any waiting room areas, children under 16 are not allowed in the facility at Ewe Pullet.  When you shop, make plans that do not involve bringing your young children. We do allow learners permit drivers to come in with a parent or mentor.
  •  While on our website www.ewepullet.com we do provide complete lists of prices and available vehicles with the photos of what they looked like when they were purchased, we do not have an inventory of individual pieces nor do we have the staff to check. The concept is Amazing savings with low overhead, you will have to stop out and look for your harvest.
  •  There is no telephone access other than the informational items such as directions, which are recorded at 605-594-4172 or 888-200-4526. To take advantage of the amazing savings, you will need to stop out and do some “harvesting”. Our Full Service Auto Recycling staff is instructed only to help educate about Ewe Pullet and will not have detailed vehicle information available.

Nordstrom’s Automotive Inc. prides itself in providing great solutions for customers in need of money savings, guaranteed automotive parts. If the idea of “Your Tools, Your Labor and Your Savings” is not a good fit for you; Nordstrom’s Auto Recycling is another great option for all of your auto parts needs. The Full Service operation of Nordstrom’s will take care of the removal work, and also stock a full line of tested, pre-dismantled and guaranteed used and new parts solutions. As a company, we are dedicated to provide the best options in the industry; whether you do it yourself or you are a repair professional.

Check outwww.nordstromsauto.com to learn about all of our company services.


Ricardo Garza – Ewe Pullet Supervisor

Art Nordstrom – President

Shannon Nordstrom – Vice-President/GM

Marie Nordstrom – Secretary and the “Real Boss”

Nick DeLeeuw – Accounting & HR

Benji Steffes – Assistant General Manager

Craig Halverson – Assistant General Manager



A new self-service used auto parts business brought to the local automotive world by Nordstrom’s® Automotive Inc. 
Purpose Statement:

Nordstrom’s® Automotive Inc is committed to offering the Sioux Falls and surrounding 5-state region the lowest priced used auto parts we possibly can.  By working with your tools and your labor, it all adds up to your savings. The facility will be clean and modern, maintaining the (ARA’s) Automotive Recycler’s Associations’ (CAR) Certified Auto Recycler standards. The vehicles will have all environmental hazards removed and drained prior to being placed in the facility.  The vehicles will be placed on stands and positioned in the best possible manner, assuring efficient and safe parts retrieval. The selection will be amazing; a wide variety of every make and model you can imagine will be included in our ever-changing inventory of over 1200 vehicles. We want to assure our customers a new opportunity can be found with each visit to EWE-PULLET.

Welcome to the newest craze in used auto parts at EWE-PULLET!

Your tools, Your Labor, Your Savings®.

Take the short drive in the country to harvest your savings!

Auto Parts are like Eggs…they are cheaper in the country! 

What is in a name?

The word Nordstrom’s® is a trademarked name with the United States Patent and Trademark office as it applies to used auto parts. We have worked hard over the years to earn your trust and respect at Nordstrom’s® Auto RecyclingNordstrom’s® Installation and Diagnostic Center , Nordstrom’s Under the Hood Show andNordstrom’s® Factory Performance. We will continue working with that same integrity at our newest business, EWE-PULLET. (You pull it) The name EWE-PULLET comes with immediate recognition from those with a rural up-bringing, but many people don’t make the immediate connection to the name, so let us explain.  Nordstrom’s® Auto Recycling is located on the same property of the family dairy farm that began in the family with Art Nordstrom’s parents and the owners have kept their humble connection to their rural roots in all of the business decisions and expansions.  These philosophies are no different as we open this new business and have come up with the name EWE-PULLET.

We challenged family and employees to help come up with a unique name for the new self-service used auto parts business at Nordstrom’s® and our crew did not disappoint.  As we sorted through hundreds of suggestions, we settled on a suggestion of the name EWE-PULLET.  Growing up on the farm, you learned that the “EWE” was a female of the sheep species and the “PULLET” was the name for a young hen chicken. The pronunciation is “You pull it” which gives a nice rural flavor to the process of removing your own parts to save huge amounts of money.  Now you understand why the name is “EWE-PULLET”, it only makes sense at Nordstrom’s® “In the Country”.  We will continue to build around this name.  You can now better understand the logo and other fun twists we will bring to the business including our in-house “EGG MONEY” parts harvest card and special “HARVEST DAYS” that will be scheduled. Come have some fun in the country at “EWE-PULLET”


When Art Nordstrom was a young farmer outside of Garretson, SD he had a vision of cars lined up beautifully in his fields then occupied by corn and alfalfa. At the time he did not know what that vision was about, but over the years his family has worked alongside of him as that picture in his mind has become reality at Nordstrom’s® Automotive Inc. With his wife Marie and family by his side, and the full-time efforts of his son Shannon entering the mix in 1988, the family business of Nordstrom’s® Automotive Inc. has transformed to the point where those rows of cars are clearly defined today. While the Nordstrom’s took the risk and provided the leadership, a great staff of dedicated team members makes Nordstrom’s what it is today.   Nordstrom’s® Automotive Inc. has been servicing the region surrounding Sioux Falls, SD with repairable vehicles; full service tested and pre-dismantled used auto parts with amazing guarantees, and full service vehicle repair and service since the late 60’s.  Now the Nordstrom’s® are excited to bring self-service used auto parts to its automotive offerings with EWE-PULLET.


To make EWE-PULLET Self Service Used Auto Parts a reality, Nordstrom’s® committed a separate 10 acres off the north end of the full-service vehicle storage lot and started the process to bring EWE-PULLET to the public.  After the farm ground where Art had the vision of rowed cars was cleared of its existing full service vehicle inventory, it was over-run by excavating equipment which scraped and leveled the ground, dump trucks laid down layer after layer of crushed concrete; rollers packed the ground, all of which laid the foundation for the neatly organized rows of vehicles from which you can remove any part your heart desires.


Contractors then went to work on the “PULL BARN” at EWE-PULLET. The “PULL BARN” at EWE-PULLET is a modern barn shaped building which will serve as the new headquarters for the EWE-PULLET. Inside you will find a bright and colorful area for customers to enter and pay for your EWE-PULLET purchases in air conditioned comfort in the summer and warm cozy heat in the winter.  Vending machines are available to quench your thirst and fill the snack void as you embark upon your money saving, parts harvesting trip.


As of the completion of EWE-PULLET, a welder will have welded over 10,000 wheel stands which will be used to place under the over 1300 vehicles which will be rotated regularly at EWE-PULLET.  Our goal is to keep a fresh, easily accessible and safe inventory for you, our guests, which make EWE-PULLET a regular stop for your used auto parts needs.  To make it easier for you to move your tools and retrieve your purchases, whether it is an alternator or an engine, the same blacksmith has constructed our unique hand-cartschain hoisttire dismount stand, and overhead A-frame hoists which you can use for free as part of your EWE-PULLET experience. We have what you need so you can harvest with ease at EWE- PULLET in the country.


The Owners and staff at Nordstrom’s® are confident, that you will enjoy the EWE- PULLET experience and we are excited to have you make your first visit and many more to the areas first CAR (Certified Auto Recycler) certified self –service used auto parts facility.  The savings you will experience by using your tools and your labor will be absolutely amazing.

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