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47989 255th Street, Garretson SD 57030
(Just a few minutes NE of Sioux Falls
on a new FULLY PAVED route via 480th Ave, Nordstrom’s Drive.)

Why is there a $2 charge for entrance to EWE PULLET?

EWE PULLET has amazingly low prices; to help off set some of the maintenance cost of the facility we chose to charge a small fee to pay for up keep and maintenance. Veterans and Active service military providing a military ID, are free to enter. THANK YOU!

What if I do not find the part I need?

If this occurs make sure and ask the attendant for your “Harvest Guarantee” Slip. This card gives the primary shopper a free admittance ticket for their next visit to EWE PULLET. Make sure you check our Full-Service facility if you don’t find what you need at Ewe-Pullet.

How can I tell if the part I find will also work on my car?

Bring your old part with you; comparing the parts is always the best – compare part numbers and mounting areas, pulling your old part first will also identify what tools will be needed. EWE PULLET also has two computers to gain your FARM SMARTS located in the office loaded with Interchange Software ask the EWE PULLET attendant for details.

Can you tell me; or can someone go check to see if this part is on the car?

While our full service operation inventories almost every piece imaginable on a vehicle, our EWE PULLET facility does not do this. Our prices are kept amazingly low by allowing you to go search the Inventory yourself. We do keep a current record of the vehicles located in the facility on this website and in a binder you can review in the office. We do not have people available to go check on parts for you at EWE PULLET. Thee is a Parts Puller Program that links buyers with other regular customers who may pull or check a part for you.

Why are kids not allowed in EWE PULLET with supervision?

You must be at least 16 years of age to sign the waiver to allow entrance into EWE PULLET. We also will allow young drivers with learner’s permits to enter, but ONLY with a Parent or legal guardian. There is no child care on site nor a waiting area for your guests, please plan your visit accordingly.

Can I use a sawzall in the EWE PULLET yard?

We do not allow any reciprocating saws, power cut off wheels or torches in EWE PULLET. Parts must be unbolted or can be removed by a manual/hand hacksaw or hammer and chisel.

Can I use a Jack in EWE PULLET?

All vehicles are elevated on stands for easy access; for safety reasons jacks are not allowed – vehicles must stay in the position they are set by the ewe-pullet staff.

What year range of vehicles older to newer can I expect to find in EWE PULLET?

What is newer; it’s a matter of perspective – what’s newer to you may not be newer to someone else. The later model inventory is quite expensive; our goal at EWE PULLET is to maintain the best inventory possible at a cost that allows us to pass on amazingly low prices to you. Sometimes we will put a much newer vehicle in, that may have been partially dismantled at our full service auto recycling facility. Our new Marvin’s Gardens brings in dismantled vehicles from our Full Service Facility for your further picking. for We also have one entire section on the far west end of the EWE PULLET facility dedicated to older model and some classic vehicles.

How many vehicles do you have at EWE PULLET?

EWE PULLET has an ever changing inventory of over 1,200 vehicles for you to remove parts from.

Why can’t I talk to someone when I call EWE PULLET?

We have developed the website for all the information available on EWE PULLET. We do not staff phones but do offer recorded messages with instructional information about EWE PULLET. This allows us to pass on amazingly low prices. If you see EWE PULLET attendants on the phone they are communicating with the Full Service operations.

How do I find out what cars are there/and where they are?

The EWE PULLET vehicle list changes daily the most current vehicle list can be viewed online at or the printed version of the vehicle list can be viewed in the EWE PULLET office.  All vehicles are grouped by like kinds and models in separate sections designated by signs.  To find a specific vehicle the list shows the location of vehicle by section and row numbers see the EWE PULLET map for details – the year of the vehicle is the last two numbers marked on the upper left hand corner of the windshield.

Can I drive out in the yard to haul my tools and parts?

Customer vehicles are NOT allowed in the EWE PULLET yard; we provide wheel barrows and hand carts for these reasons free of charge.

Can I buy one of the cars in ewe pullet?

No. Vehicles and their title documents have been processed for scrap.

Where is ewe-pullet?

For those customers familiar with the Nordstrom’s Auto Recycling Full Service Facility “ in the country since 1969” the EWE PULLET facility is located on the Northwest side of Main Facility on 255th Street. For direction see the Contact portion of the website. We have a new fully paved and highly maintained route via 480th Avenue!

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